home buying contract

Negotiating a Contract

When writing a purchase contract, avoid expensive terminology such as paying a buyer’s closing costs, and of course you should watch out for all the contingencies that could cost you time with your home off the market. If the buyer wants to close on the sale contingent with the selling of his or her house,[…]

best home offer

Picking the Best Offer

In many of today’s strong real estate markets, home sellers can expect to receive multiple offers for their home. Multiple offers are a classic example of economic realities because they appear when the supply of homes for sale is limited and the demand for good-condition homes is strong. Sellers love multiple offers because they push[…]

open house

The Basics of an Open House

The weekend open house is a time-honored tradition in real estate sales, but has it outlived its effectiveness? Quite possibly, according to a new survey conducted by the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University. The survey results hint at the notion that public open houses may be more beneficial for the agents themselves than[…]

home listing agreement

What Is a Listing Agreement?

Realtors and buyers often work together without a written contract, but the opposite is true for realtors and sellers. On the listing side, written contracts are overwhelmingly the rule, not the exception. A listing agreement is a binding legal contract that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The necessity of reading the contract carefully and understanding what[…]

multiple home offers

How To Handle Multiple Offers

A “seller’s market,” in one in which competition for houses gives a seller the advantage! It is the result of all kinds of things we do not have control over, from the economy to the sudden and amazing popularity of any given city or neighborhood. When this happens, home prices tend to rise with the[…]

getting home ready to sell

Getting Your Home Ready to List

From experience, realtors also know that a “well-polished” house appeals to more buyers and will sell faster and for a higher price. Additionally, buyers feel more comfortable purchasing a well-cared for home because if what they can see is maintained, what they can’t see has probably also been maintained. In readying your house for sale,[…]

home appraisal

Myths & Facts About Appraisals

The appraisal process is often considered to be the process of analyzing collecting and reconciling data that relates to any home or property being appraised. This data is then formatted in an order that can lead the reader of the report to the same conclusions as the appraiser. You should look at each home for[…]